Doesn’t it feel like it’s been raining forever? Well, if your little ones are desperate to get out of the house regardless, why not try one of the following activities:

  1. Visit one of Glasgow’s museums, many of which are free. Our particular favourite at the moment is the Transport Museum, with its free ride-on Little Tikes cars.
  2. Try out a new soft-play venue.
  3. Join a playgroup.
  4. Explore your local library. Most libraries have a children’s area with books, chairs, tables and toys, and librarians seem incredibly tolerant of noisy babies and toddlers. Sit and read some stories, or go along to a bounce-and-rhyme session.
  5. Last but not least: get wet. Invest in some waterproofs (such as these all-in-ones on special offer), and go splash some puddles!