A GlasgowBaby reader has sent in this fantastic review of Fifi & Ally on Wellington Street. Never mind the food, we can’t wait to check out their baby-changing facilities…

I thought I would e-mail as I recently had lunch with work friends in town at Fifi and Ally on Wellington Street.  I wasn’t expecting much tbh but they have a lovely baby changing area complete with a proper changing table and comfy mat (rather than the usual pull down table).  There were also supplies of nappies and wipes under it too.  I was very impressed.  Jamie loved the funky wallpaper in it too. Fifi and Ally was a favourite before and I’ll definitely take Jamie again.  As a bf-ing mum, I wasn’t made to feel uncomfortable or out of place at all either.  Brilliant!

Fifi & Ally
80 Wellington Street, Glasgow
Fifi & Ally website

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