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Had a fantastic birthday party yesterday at An Clachan café in Kelvingrove Park for my son’s third birthday. As he was getting a bike for his birthday, we wanted a venue that would allow him to do a bit of cycling outdoors with his wee pals. Fortunately, the rain stayed off long enough for the kids to run around the play park and try out each other’s bikes before coming indoors for pass the parcel and cake. Barbara and her team at the café did a brilliant job: balloons, decorations, lovely scones, bacon sarnies, fruit bowls and a gorgeous sparkly chocolate cake with white vanilla icing. Yum. When we got home he announced it was the best party “ever and ever and ever”.


A GlasgowBaby reader has sent in this fantastic review of Fifi & Ally on Wellington Street. Never mind the food, we can’t wait to check out their baby-changing facilities…

I thought I would e-mail as I recently had lunch with work friends in town at Fifi and Ally on Wellington Street.  I wasn’t expecting much tbh but they have a lovely baby changing area complete with a proper changing table and comfy mat (rather than the usual pull down table).  There were also supplies of nappies and wipes under it too.  I was very impressed.  Jamie loved the funky wallpaper in it too. Fifi and Ally was a favourite before and I’ll definitely take Jamie again.  As a bf-ing mum, I wasn’t made to feel uncomfortable or out of place at all either.  Brilliant!

Fifi & Ally
80 Wellington Street, Glasgow
Fifi & Ally website

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Creative Mess Play for under 5s. Paint tools, Play-Doh, collage and more. And the best bit? While your kids get messy, you can enjoy a lovely latte and one of Tapa’s wonderful cakes. Run by Busy Bees Craft Studio. £3.50 per session.

Crafty Tots, Tuesday 3 March (and every Tuesday), 11am, Tapa Bakehouse, Pollokshaws Road