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GlasgowBaby has been to try out a Mums in the Park circuits’ class, run by personal trainer Tony Curtis. I decided to go for a run on the way since I imagined a new-mum-oriented class wouldn’t push me that hard – many don’t – but, boy, was I wrong! It was a fantastic class. Probably more suited to those who were reasonably fit before having a baby, the class involved 3 sets of a circuit (incl. squats, lunges, star jumps, the dreaded burpies, plank) with rests in between, followed by a 10-minute game of netball. (I haven’t played netball since I was  a kid, but what a laugh that was, and the competitive spirit keeps you going. Apologies to my team-mates for my complete ineptness….)

Tony, the instructor, came up with the idea for these group classes when one of his personal-training clients said she was finding it difficult to find the time to keep up her fitness after having a baby. We all know what that’s like, so the idea is that mothers can come along with their babies in their buggies. Make no mistake, though; this class is very much about the mother, not the baby. Buggies are parked alongside the circuits area, and restless babies entertained by star-jumping mums.

Tony wants to keep the classes small, so that each person gets tailored attention to take into account the various levels of fitness, time postpartum etc. He’s a lovely guy, who is passionate about what he does, and his infectious laugh keeps you going through the tough bits. The other mothers in the class were truly inspiring, some of whose babies were only 11 weeks old… When my firstborn was that age, I was lucky to be out of the house by 10am, let alone at a circuits class!

Mums in the Park Fitness Classes are run in the West End and the South Side. Find out more by visiting their website. You can also keep track of upcoming classes by following @mumsinthepark on Twitter.